Great web design is our passion. We create websites that are effective, efficient as well as attractive.

Our designs can help strengthen your brand and optimize your online business performance. AMG will create unique branding elements and web design, to work hand in hand, not only on your online & print materials, but with your overall marketing strategy. Your web design influences how people view your company, it is a representation of your company, and people use it to make a split second decision: whether your company is credible, authoritative, and trustworthy.

The Evolution Of Web Design
The web is constantly evolving and web design techniques are changing with it. In the last several years, desktop computers gave way to laptops, and laptops are giving way to tablets and smartphones with an astonishing amount of power. As such, the way people experience the Internet now is much different than it was just five short years ago. Previously, web pages rendered in a crude way that neglected the best HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other scripting and coding languages had to offer.

Web Development Methods
Web design and development is worlds apart from what it used to be a couple of years ago. New technology, features, styles and trends require you to think differently about how you design your site. That’s why many designers, webmasters and site owners today want to know how to think about the web design process. Here are five things that you should pay attention to when designing or redesigning a site.
Choosing a Web Design Firm
When choosing a web design firm, there are a number of factors to consider. The quality of work is obviously important. Little else matters if the quality is not on par with expectations. However, how a firm achieves that quality is equally important. The approach to design, the coding technique & process followed, and the personal investment of the designers & developers working on a project all play a critical role in ensuring that firms provide quality work that meets the needs of their clients.

We are specializes in website design, web page development, web site hosting, and follow-up services for individuals, small ,medium and corporate sized businesses and organizations. We prepare complete websites and makeovers of existing sites. Getting a professional website designed is one of the best decisions you will ever make for your company.

Set your company on the road to success by establishing a powerful internet presence today!

We are a forward thinking web design company, we understand the importance of your website design, and we can help you engage & gain the confidence of your customers.

Please take a look at our portfolio to get a sense of how we can help bring your project to life. We are a full service digital marketing agency, we help brands become more visible!

AMG understands the challenges companies have with web development. We know it’s not just about design. It requires technical expertise, the ability to work with different platforms, the knowledge to create custom tools, and the professionalism required to manage projects. We can help your company set up a solid online foundation and ensure that your website is ready to handle anything you need today or as your company grows it in the future.

We are a web design company

We design and build platforms that help companies articulate their corporate cultures and embrace interactions. We transform analytics and digital insights into measurable web design, simplified experiences, and meaningful brand strategy.

Responsive Web Design
With mobile search becoming one of the most important sources of business, it’s essential to have a website that is optimized and formatted for mobile users. We specialize in responsive web design which delivers the optimal user experience (based on type of device used) from your main website. This new design is recommended by Google and saves you the time, money and resources required to manage and market a separate mobile site.

Content Management Platforms
Content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento are used more than standard HTML sites now. These open source platforms give companies the ability to create a site that meets their needs. We have developed sites for all of these platforms and can do everything from designing a site from scratch, developing custom plug-ins, to setting up custom features and functionalities. If you’re looking for a reliable US based web development company, look no further. Our expert team of designers and web developers will all work together to help you reach your goals. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The foundation of search engine optimization is making sure the website is SEO friendly. SEO implemented on a site that is not built for the search engines is pointless as it will not produce results. Building a site for SEO requires proper coding, onpage optimization and proper site structure. We understand what makes SEO work and know that all the small details matter. We can also implement proper SEO setup with different open source platforms.
Content Management Systems
We do not believe in vendor lock-in and we will not recommend long term commitments when it comes to web design or maintenance. Over the last decade we have helped many companies and organizations move away from propitiatory platforms, putting control of the company’s website in their hands. That being said, we specialize in Open Source Web Platforms, assisting you with anything from WordPress, Drupal, Joomla to complex OpenCart eCommerce. Customizing back-end functionalities to meet the expectation of the end user experience, your business goals and daily operations, and designing custom themes is one of our specialties.

How We Approach Web Design
Last but not least, we can help you design a site that matches your vision. We start with a design that best represents your brand. Then, we study your audience to come up with unique design elements and a style that best fits the website. We don’t think about a design project as a large number of different elements, but rather different elements working together harmoniously that meets multiple goals such as conversion and user experience.

What People Say?:

AMAZING WEBDESIGN is our passion

Our web designers can help strengthening your brand and optimizing your online business performance. We will create unique branding elements and amazing web design, to work hand in hand, not only on your online & print materials, but with your overall marketing strategy. We are a web design company that prides itself on providing the very best web design along in-depth online marketing and SEO solutions.

How we do it

Although it looks simple, there is a depth to designing a great website. We understand that there are many components of designing a website, and many are easily overlooked or underneath the surface.
AMG has received numerous prestige awards for our web design. How did we manage to get such acclaim?
It’s simple. We focus on designing a website that’s not only visually stunning, but more importantly delivers a great user experience and easy usability.

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